Erin Monico is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, health coach and founder of the Nutrition Connection, LLC.

After completing her dietetics and nutrition education at James Madison University and post graduate work at Loyola University, Chicago she began working as a clinical dietitian before starting her private practice in 2007.

Through a focus on evidence-based, integrative nutrition and wellness, Erin partners with her clients to design a personalized nutrition and wellness plan that is most effective for each individual’s needs. In addition to meeting their health goals and adopting a healthy lifestyle, Erin’s clients gain a new perspective and a higher level of knowledge on nutrition and other key pieces to a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to her successful one-on-one nutrition counseling practice, Erin is a health coach for an elite corporate wellness program designed for busy executives. She is well-versed in menu nutrition analysis and has provided nutrition information for menu items served in the White House West Wing dining room. Erin also enjoys delivering presentations on wellness topics including nutrition, fitness and stress management.

Erin has experienced her own struggles with digestive issues and food sensitivities, but with her determination to improve her quality of life, she has learned how to blaze a trail through conventional dieting, ineffective wellness practices and mixed health-related messages to what she considers REAL nutrition. Erin is also an active runner and cyclist and understands the importance of finding the right balance of nutrition, hydration and resistance training to excel in all fitness endeavors. Although Erin’s background is in nutrition, she has continued her education in things such as fitness and stress-management due to her credence that these factors are interconnected on the journey to wellness.  Through her counseling skills, intrinsic flair for teaching and her passion to guide others to real nutrition, Erin ensures the successful personal transformation of her clients’ lifestyle to one of renewed zest for health and individual success.