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Coffee May Cause Heart Disease…. Or Not

In Coffee, Genetics by NutritionConnection

Coffee: liquid crack to much of the human population and the most widely consumed stimulant in the world. In the US alone, 83% of the population drinks coffee, 587 million cups are consumed each day and $30 billion is made on the coffee industry in America each year. Within a 5-mile radius of where I live, there are 20 coffee …

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The Healthiest Fat You Can Eat

In Fats by NutritionConnection

Fat has been the source of controversy for nearly 90 years, dating back to the 1930s, when the rate of heart disease started to become a concern. Heart attacks, prior to the 1920s, were almost unheard of. Suspiciously, prior to the rise in heart disease, starting around the turn of the 20th century, fats such as butter, lard and tallow  …

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Specialty Salts, Like Himalayan Salt, Are Not As Healthy As You May Think

In Salt by NutritionConnection

Due to flavor and purported health benefits, gourmet salts have become very popular with sales exceeding $250 million per year. These salts come from ancient mineral deposits around the world. Specialty salts vary in flavor, which is desirable for many in cooking. These salts also tend to be higher in calcium, iron, potassium magnesium and chromium, unlike ordinary table salt …