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Decreasing Added Sugars In The Foods You Eat

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Found naturally in foods such as fruit (fructose) and dairy (lactose). Release of these sugars, into the blood stream, is slowed by the fiber in fruit and protein in dairy. This helps avoid sugar spikes. Sugars naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables and dairy are okay in moderation, but  sugars  removed from their original source and added to foods, are what …

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The Gluten and Grain Befuddlement

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Going on a Gluten-Free diet seems to be the latest diet craze, or even cutting ALL grains out completely. With this new diet trend comes the promise that we will lead healthier, thinner and more energetic lives. But is this really true, and why, all of a sudden, are wheat and other grains being demonized? Before deciding to jump on …

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Having a normal BMI Does Not Necessarily Mean That You Are Healthy

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As a dietitian I’ve often had to “rely” on BMI to assess a person’s health. Although BMI may be an okay initial starting point, it can be a very inaccurate measure of a person’s health. According to a study from the Annals of Internal Medicine Relationship Among Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index and All-Cause Mortality, and my own experience …