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  • Corporate Wellness
  • Menu Nutrition Analysis
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  • Wellness Seminars
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More about Corporate Wellness

The Process

Corporate Wellness: 

Improve the lives of your employees, decrease sick days and cut healthcare costs by implementing wellness in your company! The Nutrition Connection offers informative seminars, one-on-one health coaching, executive coaching programs and group counseling on nutrition, fitness, stress management and overall well-being.

All corporate wellness programs are fully customizable to the needs of your company and there are a variety of ways in which employees can participate including in-person sessions, email, telephonic coaching, on-site sessions or live video interactions.

Please contact The Nutrition Connection to customize your corporate wellness program.


Menu Nutrition Analysis:

If you’re in the commercial food service business and need menus and food items analyzed for nutrition content, The Nutrition Connection can deliver accurate and scientifically-backed results. Services include comprehensive nutrition analysis along with allergen and food sensitivity tracking, nutrition recommendations and highlighting special diet options. Informing your diners and meeting their nutritional needs will help market and grow your business.

All nutrition information provided will be accurate in accordance with FDA regulations.


Cooking Demos, Seminars and Workshops

Educate your group on a variety of health topics through cooking demos, interactive workshops and seminars.  Some sample topics are:

  • Food sensitivities: Discover foods that may be causing inflammation
  • Debunking the calories in vs calories out concept
  • The Gut: Your second brain and how probiotics and gut bacteria are critical to health
  • What’s hiding in your food label? How to avoid chemistry experiments and pitfalls
  • The low-fat lie: How the low-fat diet has caused more harm than good
  • Stress management and avoiding burnout

Don’t see a topic of your choice? Your event is customizable, so let us know what you’d like!

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